Business Opportunity

Start Business with Shopping

1. Join us and get and ID automatically, which is free of cost.

  1. Start shopping of anything including Grocery/Kirana on that ID from our registered shop and get a discount on every purchase.  (shop list is available on the website)
  2. Refer this benefit to others and get incentive on their purchase.
  3. Create a team by referring it and get an incentives on the purchases of whole team from 1st to 7th line on different rate of percent of POC*

Ideal Work Style

You refer it to 10 persons and say to everybody that they also refer it to another people .

Rate of Incentives on different line 

S.No.   No. of People    % of POC*

 1.          10                     5%

 2.          100                  25%

 3.          1000                25%

 4.          10000             15%

 5.          100000           10%

 6.          1000000         10%

 7.          10000000       10%

POC* – Part of Commission which is make on the purchase of your team members this may be differ to each purchase.


Suppose that everybody of your member make purchase of 3000 in each month and if PAC made 1-2% in each purchase on that situation your monthly income will according to chart given below .

No. of Member % Income(Rs.)
10 5% 30
100 25% 1500
1000 25% 15000
10000 15% 90000
100000 10% 600000
1000000 10% 6000000
10000000 10% 60000000

Note:- This is only for an example it will be change according to the purchase of your team and POC on that purchase.


Support Your Local Retailers

This is first time in the world that every customer get a chance to start his own business without any investment.

Every customer have an opportunity to save money on each purchase through our registered seller.